2019 Website Design Trends

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Top Website Design Trends that will reign in 2019 and beyond

It is unbelievable that it is 2019 and the tail end of the decade that has been full of spectacle. For ten years or so, the internet has grown in heaps. It was the decade of AMP, AI, VR, AR, and a dozen other acronyms. As much as these changes were felt across the board, it is website design trends that feel the change most.

At the onset, web designs were focusing on creativity putting aside conventional photo stocking and grids. Going forward, design rooted for smartness and machine learning has been at the center of it all. In 2019, technology and aesthetics merge, and web design takes off to a higher gear.

In this article are the web design trends that will dominate before the decade’s door slams shut. However, this does not in any way define the creativity and innovation around this niche, and web designers will be making a permanent mark for the decade.

Serifs making way to the screen

It has been a clearly defined rule that serifs are for print while san serifs are for websites. However, there has been a recent shake-up and going beyond the conventional boundaries.

Sans are easy to read and still the unbeatable choice for web copies. Despite all these perks, some brands are making bold moves towards serifs for their website headlines as well as callouts. With an inclination towards emphasis, serifs are now making heads turn, and many brands will be jumping ship in 2019 and beyond.

Black and white comeback

Color is a centerpiece to what defines a website. It brings harmony, unites the other elements, and differentiates a brand from the next. 2019 is nostalgic about the era of black and white and is infusing those two bold shades into designs. This is breaking the monotony and dominance of other bright colors. The two are making a statement of clean and assertive nature that brands across the globe should follow.

Support for spontaneity with organic shapes

For far too long, designers have used symmetrical shapes on websites. Triangles, rectangles and other symmetrical shapes bring a sense of stability to pages, but they do not carry the aspect of depth. As 2019 gears towards the end of the second quarter, we see more use of natural shapes. Websites are now livelier and communicate better to the human mind.


Visit a website and do something. What do you see? You get a specific response to your action. Facebook, Twitter, and loads of other social media platforms are at the forefront to use this window of interactivity. It is a micro-interaction op. In 2019, the interaction ball is going farther. There are chimes, hovering, and scroll-animations to make websites more human-friendly and smarter.

Videos taking the precedence over typical content

Videos  not only serve to diversify content but also fit into the needs of those who have no time to scan chunks of text. In 2019, Google is giving more emphasis to videos by providing a mix search results with videos ranking higher than any other content. More than never before, brands are now creating more of video content to scale up the rankings.

Wrap up

That is 2019 web design trends for you. It is not what will entirely define the ending of the decade since there is so much more in store. Keep your ears on the ground and wait for what will come before the year comes to a close. As much as we can predict what the year may be, expect a few surprises here and there.